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UPDATE May/2007
Rima is involved with the administrative body of Gate Theatre. At the moment they are recruiting for a new artistic director and staging a Japanese story (to be seen in late May).

+ sometime coming I will either move/close this website or "refurbish" again. Latest sighting includes premiere of Nobel Son in USA. Some pics available, will assemble when updated.

P.s. sorry e-mail was out of order, if anyone bothered. Now should be fine again.

Something more recent upon request of the most stubborn people:
8TH OF MARCH - WOMEN''S INTERNATIONAL DAY. Especially strongly (i.e. more than Christmas) celebrated in socialist countries and/or ex. USSR-states. As known, Rima is socialist (ex-Labour party member) and probably would have appreciated.



"Chelsea is the natural home of all that is beautiful, innovative and fun - qualities which the Chelsea Crafts Fair encapsulate, so I am delighted to welcome it back in it''s 24th year. The Royal Borough can only benefit from having it within our midst.."

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